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Buyers ask a lot Who Pays the Realtor Fee and Closing Costs? |®

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Joanna and Reagan

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Reagan and I

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Kevin Hern – Oklahoma Conservative Fund

By |December 21st, 2016|Uncategorized| The Oklahoma Conservative Fund is supporting Kevin Hern as he explores a bid for Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District in 2018. Kevin is actively looking at CD1 and talking to its constituents about the need [...]

How Do Emotion and Logic Influence Which House We Buy?

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When people shop for a house, there are predictable behavioral patterns that occur throughout the process. The internal struggle between emotion and logic is common with home buyers. Everyone wants to buy a home that they [...]

How To make your home Look Expensive

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HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOME LOOK EXPENSIVE Whether you’re prepping your home to sell, or you just want to spruce things up a bit, these tips will make your home look expensive. The secret to [...]

Appealing Ceiling:Warm It Up With Wood

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Add instant charm to any room with a wood-clad ceiling Wood is a popular surface material for floors and walls. But it can make a big statement if you use it on the ceiling. Here [...]

10 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

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What does it take to succeed in real estate? Some people will tell you that it’s as simple as getting out there and making sales. But for any Realtor, especially someone who’s new to the [...]