Why Sell With Us
The Accent Realtors Advantage

The simple answer: we sell your home faster and for more money, hassle-free. Once your home is on the market, our team of experts takes care of every detail through closing.


Selling a Home

Thinking of selling a house? Learn the ins and outs of the sales process from start to finish.

The Decision to Sell
Your home is a huge part of your life, both financially and emotionally. So the decision to sell a house is not one to be made lightly. You need to determine a marketing strategy. Price the house to attract buyer interest. There are a million other details to sort out.

Partner with your local Coldwell Banker agent and you can depend on our expertise and knowledge to guide you through your house selling process with confidence.

When Should You Sell?
Are you asking yourself, “When should I sell my house?” Good question. Timing is everything when it comes to selling your house. Luckily, our experts at Coldwell Banker have the information you need to sell your house with confidence. Check out our helpful articles on the selling process to learn more about the current state of the housing market and read testimonials from other home sellers on their experiences. With Coldwell Banker as your partner, you’ll always know when it’s the right time to make your move.

Preparing to Sell
Now that you’ve made the decision to sell your house, your helpful Coldwell Banker agent will help you put your best foot forward when preparing to sell your home. We’ll walk you through the appraisal, give you tips on staging your home, and advise you on doing renovations or making any necessary repairs. With Coldwell Banker as your guide, you’ll be armed with the crucial information you need to attract buyers and get the best price possible.

The Offer
Congratulations! You’ve got an offer on your house. But now what? Are you prepared for what comes next? Not to worry with Coldwell Banker on your team. Our expert agents will be there to make sure you don’t get caught off guard and that you’re ready for everything that comes next, including whether to accept that offer or not. Find a local Coldwell Banker agent to guide you through the home selling process.